Audition service

Audition service - consulting for auditioners

Have you got an agent that never does anything for you? Are you tired of writing to agents who never respond? Ever wasted your money on singing for agents who don't ever come up with jobs? Tired of wasting your money on writing to houses that never invite singers to auditions? Ever wasted your money on auditioning for an operahouse that actually doesn't have any job openings? Ever ruined your chances of winning the precuious audition by singing repertoire they didn't want to hear or simply presenting yourself with the wrong FACH?
Do go auditioning in Europe with the help of the Vivace Arts audition consultation. You will be grateful to have a professional career coach to talk things over with. Someone who knows the business. You can book the Vivace Arts audition service as a one-off service before you come to Europe or during your stay. Single modules. No monthly retainers. The consulting can be done over the phone and via email, skype or in a meeting. It makes sense to book some modules as early as possible, because it will give you some time to modify your audition rep and polish the recommended arias in good time.
In order to be of profound help, Vivace Arts will need your photo, your rep+resume/cv, and ideally 1-2 short mp3 clips or videos. I will let you know what arias German speaking agents + houses will want to hear from you in auditions once I have the above information. I will provide you with a hotlist of busy agents who DO hold auditions for Opera singers, and really DO have jobs! (You will have noticed the free list of over 300 in this website. Many of these are not "hot" for various reasons. If you want a - commented - individual hotlist, you can get this from us for a fee.
The VivaceArts auditioning service will provide you with information about which are the agents for you to contact, and what they want from you, and what casting directors will want from you, too. It's crucial to come with the right (European) Fach (voice category) . This will raise your chances of getting auditions immensely! If you know what people will want from you in an audition, you can raise your chances of coming out like a winner. A Vivace Arts consultation module will help you with this.

General Vivace Arts services

- German and Engish spoken
- located near Berlin, Germany, meetings in Berlin
- career-consulting for professional singers
- profound information about the German speaking opera business, agents and the contract system
- analysis of your European voice category (Fach)
- providing of a hotlist of agent adresses and comments on them
- websites for artists, .de and .com available from 50€ /249€ more
Vivace Arts is NO Agency and does NOT represent singers.