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Opera houses
Operapeople's websites list Forums in English for musicians - including auditioning and Europe includes Forums about audtioning and general information about auditioning

Opera in general:
Operabase a must
Classical Net
Iamaworld Agents' assosciation, also here

Cantolopera Opera Karaoke CDs mit Orchestra to order
Coach me Study complete roles or arias only.

Fach-System - check out your German Voice Category online
German Fach System (after Kloiber) explained in English


Lists of European theatres
German opera houses
Eur.Com Theatre
Euro-Opera Spielpläne
list of German theatres (Bühnenverein) here

Voice Teachers (based in NYC, regular masterclasses in Berlin, Dresden, London, Vienna, Paris, Stuttgart)
Roberta Cunnigham, Berlin
Janet Williams, Berlin David Jones

Coaches: Berlin Graz
We have telefonenumbers of coaches in several Cities - please contact us for the info

Forgot to bring an aria?
Free download of opera scores / arias

Need new headshots?
Birgit Kleber, Berlin Derek Moore, Berlin

Useful sites in German:
Musiktheater in Europa Operone
Bühnengenossenschaft union of stage artitsts.
The Bühnenjahrbuch (book full of addresses and facts similar to muscialamerica) can be obtained here for about 70€
Bühnenverein official community of theatres in Germany
stage jobs (no soloists) @ Bühnenverein here
Deutscher Musikrat
bfa Berlin official German pension office
Sozialversicherung Östereich Austrian social security office
IGMedien Theater union
Bayerische Versicherung an additional social security service all tartists in theatres have to pay in
Künstlersozialkasse Insurance (non profit) for freelance artists
how to get into the Künstlersozialkasse: info here
Kunstrecht - a lawyer, specialized in stage artists rights, lots of information for free here
Theatermanagement aktuell
Vioworld jobs in the music business
chorszene links to choruses
Oper und Tanz lists Chorus Jobs

Magazines (German):
Neue Musik Zeitung. Taktlos
Oper und Tanz
Creszendo Magazin
Online Musik Magazin Online Musik Magazin
Der neue Merker

Living in Europe/Germany (English)
Living in Germany
useful site in English with general information about living in Germany
Living in Berlin Student-oriented, cheap and hip places
student life in Germany

Accomodation in Germany online hotel booking service Europe
Hotel booking services
furnished apartments in Berlin, from 30 Euros/day
furnished apartments in Berlin from 320 €/month
furnished apartments
stufo share flats and car-trips with students
wg-gesucht free service for flat sharing
suchezimmer free service - flatsharing
Wohnung-in-berlin main service for furnished/shared flats
Homecompany share flats all german cities
Mitwohnzentrale Duesseldorf Hamburg
Mitwohnzentrale Berlin München
Mitwohnzentrale München
city-mitwohnzentrale Berlin biggest online platform for flats in Germany, also lists furnished flats

Accomodation in Europe
Prague Hotels etc.
Switzerland Bed and Breakfast
Bed und Breakfast in London London B&B
Bed and Breakfast in Italy B&B in Italy

Travelling in Germany and Europe
cheap flights within Europe billigflugnet
dba flights
ryanair flights
hlx flights

deutschebahn Trains

mitfahrzentrale Share a car-trip
Firstcampus Mitfahrzentrale, share a car

train your German/French/Italian skills online+for free here:flashcards

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