What clients say

What clients say

Sie wissen gar nicht, was sie alles an Neuanfang und Energie, an Lebensfreude und Zukunftsneugierde bei mir altem Tenore ausgelöst haben. Ich weiss gar nicht, wie ich ihnen danken soll.
Tenor from Germany, 2013

Thank you so much for the informative consultation yesterday! I appreciate your honesty and your insight and feel better prepared to go forward with my project here.

Soprano from USA, 2012

I really appreciate your candor.

Tenor from USA, 2012

IT IS A SMALL WORLD when two people who don't know each other separately direct me to the same person (you). It speaks highly to your "street cred" :)
Soprano from USA, September 2011

Danke, ich bin so froh dass ich Ihnen begegnet bin.
Soprano from Sweden 6/2011

Youpi, I am veryyyyyyyy happyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thank you very much.

Soprano from France 7/2011

...ich bin ja mit fast Null-Wissen zu Ihnen gekommen und habe jetzt das Gefühl irgendwie ein alter Hase im Geschäft zu sein... Wow :) Dass waren viele TOLLE Informationen. Danke.

Soprano from Germany 1/2011

Thank you for the great call and very useful information!

Mezzosoprano / Netherlands 1/2011

...die Konstruktive Kritik finde ich super.
Bass/German Bass 1/2011

Thank you again for the wonderful consultation yesterday. I felt it was extremely helpful, and well worth canceling my flight back to P.
American Soprano, 6/2008

Your list has been a big help!
American Mezzosoprano 2/2008

Hi Ursula! I thought you might want to know that I sang in C(Operahouse) through H…(agent) and was hired on the spot! They offered me a Festvertrag for the next 17 months. I start with Donna Anna and Freia this month, and next fall I'll be singing more Donna Anna, Lustige Witwe, Pamina/Erste Dame, etc. Thanks for all your help getting me to this place!
(American Soprano, 3/2005)
This singer´s contract with the opera house has been prolongued, she continues to sing major roles there, very sucessfully.(2011)

Thank you so much for all of your continued help! I am so relieved to have found you!

Soprano from New York 11/2007

You are a genious! Thank you so much! Got reply from some agents! (6 invitations in 2 days). I have attached what they answered me so far! Could you give me some advise regarding who to audition for first? Also....Do you think they'd mind terribly much if I answered in english to them regarding audition dates etc... My german sucks so far! Thank you again!

Tenor from Spain 10/2007

You have been so far valuable beyond estimation...invaluable assistance about the music scene in Germany.

Lyrico-spinto tenor from the US, 10/2006

Ich bin sehr froh, Ihre Unterstützung zu haben und gönne das jedem vorsingenden Sänger, man ist manchmal schon sehr allein mit den ganzen Fragen, wären Sie nicht da!!!

Soprano from Germany 9/2006

Das sieht alles super aus, danke! (...)
Sonst bin ich total glücklich mit der ganzen Sache :-)
Soprano from the Netherlands, 6/2006

It feels so good not be be alone with this stuff. ;-)
American Soprano, living in Berlin, 9/2004

you`re some miracle-maker!
Mezzosoprano form the Netherlands after receiving her new biography/resume in German, created by VivaceArts, 11/2003

You are a genius, everything looks fantastic-
American Soprano, living in Berlin, 9/2004

"I love your comments...it seems you are nothing if not thorough."
Anerican Tenor on audition tour, referring to our comments on agents 10/2004

"You won’t believe what happened to me today! I sent out my new agent audition materials (prepared by VivaceArts) yesterday by post, just yesterday, and today I already received 5 e-mails offering me auditions!! I am amazed and thrilled! You were able to open the door for me, and now all I have to do is walk through it. :-)
American Soprano, based in Berlin, 9/2004

" I could kiss you for this!"
A German Soprano after singing for an agent using her newly created stage name for the first time. The new name sounds much more italian that her old German name, and the agent kept commenting on her lovely warm italian timbre....1/2004

Who are our clients?

Artists (singers, conductors, stage directors, pianists) who live and work in Germany, book the VivaceArts audition service, as well as artists that com from the US, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Mexico, etc.
Students in their final year in the Music Academy book us, as well as established artists, who already enjoy a sucessful career in Germany, or elsewhere, but feel there is room for improvement.